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Equine Reproduction Symposium

09/01/2015 à 9h00
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Final abstract book Equine Reproduction Symposium
Sorting Stallion sperm cells for diagnosis and/or for improving fertility
Charles Love, USA
State of the art of semen freezing
Harald SIEME, Germany
From INRA96 to INRA Freeze, an analytic conception
Michèle Magistrini, France
Social interactions and reproductive efficiency
Dominik Burger, Switzerland
Sonography of the stallion reproductive tract
Heinrich Bollwein, Switzerland
Sperm quality for ICSI
Cesare Galli, Italy
Embryo biopsy and cryopreservation in equine
Florence Guignot, France
Genetic testing of equine embryos
Youg Ho Choi, USA
Embryo sexing followed by implantation
Carolina Herrera, Argentina
The ethics of horse breeding - are ARTs a particular cause for concern ?
Madeleine Campbell, UK
Breeding up to 300 mares or more by natural service, at what cost ?
Twink Allen, UK
Social acceptance of equine ARTs: situation in South America
Carolina Herrera, Argentina
Social acceptance of equine ARTs: situation in the USA
Ed. Squires, USA
Acceptability of biotechnologies in the horse industry in Europe
Alline Reis, France