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Equine Reproduction Symposium (suite)

10/01/2015 à 9h00
Animateur(s) :
Introduction to DOHAD and its possible link to the metabolic syndrome in the horse
Pascale Chavatte-Palmer, France
Developmental programming of growth, glucose homeostasis and predisposition to osteochondrosis
Pauline Peugnet, France
Effect of mare and foal nutrition and on the development orthopaedic diseases
Didier Serteyn, Belgium
Health of horses issued of ART (ET, Oocyte transfer, ICSI and Cloning)
Katrin Hinrichs, USA
Characterization of Equine mesenchyme stem cells from umbilical cord, bone marrow and adipose tissue
K de Schauwer, Belgium
Induced pluripotent stem cells or how to turn horse skin into neurons
Xavier Donadeu UK
Equine autologous pluripotent stem cells from embryos dericed by somatic cell nuclear transfer
Lawrence Smith, Canada
Stel cells in equine medicine - thoughts
Stéphane Maddens, France
Equine MAPC as an allogenic cell therapy product – rEQover TM
Jef Pinxteren, Belgium