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Publication de "Biotech challenges" de Catherine Regnault-Roger par la maison d'édition Springer Nature


Voir la présentation numérique : https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-031-38237-6

Sous le signe de l'international,  la préface de l'édition anglaise est écrite par  le Pr Marc Van Montagu ( ancien directeur du Laboratoire de Génétique de la faculté des Sciences de Ghent University (Belgium) et membre de la section 6, auquel on attribue la mise au point de méthodes de transfert de gènes et des premiers OGM avec la création du premier tabac transgénique insecticide.

En voici un extrait :
"I am honored and very happy to present this historical account “From GMOs to genome editing” by Professor Catherine Regnault-Roger, which describes so finely the
50-year regulatory saga around the engineering of plant genomes.
This book comes at a very special time. It is now 50 years since the cloning of genes became possible and 50 years since we discovered a way to include plants
among the “modifiable” organisms. We have demonstrated that in nature, there are bacteria that have developed this technology during evolution. We were therefore
convinced that it would be a revolutionary technology, easily applicable to make new plants. However, society resisted this, and today, when there is such a need for more sustainable, high yielding and innovative agriculture, the technology remains strictly limited. In this foreword, I try to explain why we should use this “misunderstanding” as an opportunity to create better trust in science.
” M Van Montagu.