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Plus que quelques jours pour s'inscrire au 20e Congrès de l'UEF, qui se tiendra cette année en France


New dead line for registration : 15 June 2021 !

The Congress of Union of European foresters (UEF) will take place from 30 September to 2 October 2021.

The topic of the International seminar organized during the Congress will be: “Which multifunctional forest management in the context of climate change?” Some International keynote speakers from France, Belgium and Sweden are invited to the seminar. The delegates will be also welcomed to present the answer of their country.

The Congress itself will also discuss this really up to date topic, all over Europe. All foresters are nowadays thinking about the forest of the future. For sure, the future forests will be more resilient, with more diversity and will look like a kind of mosaic. You’ll have an opportunity to have an overview of the French sustainable forest management during the fieldtrip on Saturday.

The French foresters are waiting for you to welcome you from 29 September 2021 evening and introduce you to the French way of life during this Congress. 

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