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The UEAA “Best Scientific Abstracts Competition” Announcement of results


This scientific competition has been opened on January 2022 and relied on the Best Scientific Abstracts selected by Union Européenne des Académies d’agriculture (UEAA) member Academies. Member Academies have been invited by the UEAA Steering Committee to select their best Abstracts of a given period according to their own choice: year, semester, term or month (but no more than one per month per Academy) and send them by a member of the Governance of the given Academy to the President of UEAA.

The first place is awarded to: "Farm of the Future - Decarbonising Farm Vehicles and Future Fuels" (written by N. McCarthy, J. Wheeler, K. Budden, R. Gueterbock, A. Bywater, M. Woollacott).

The second place is awarded to: "Effect of biofertilizers on leaf yield, nitrate amount, mineral content and antioxidants of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) in a floating culture" (written Hayriye Yildiz Dasgan, AbdullahA ldiyab, Farah Elgudayem, Boran Ikiz, Nazim S. Gruda).

The third place is awarded to: "Essential amino acids: master regulators of nutrition and environmental footprint?" (written by P. Tessari, A. Lante & G. Mosca).

More informations in attached PDF below :